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Bitterness of Bitter gourd
You can remove the bitterness from Bitter gourd by washing it with water in which rice has been soaked.

Food in Tiffin box
During summer, the food carried in tiffin boxes get spoilt. To avoid this, clean and dry the tiffin box and heat it with the lid on till the lid is hot. Pack the lunch in it after the box cools down. This prevents the lunch from getting spoilt.

Nutritious Break-fast
Add a couple of mashed ripe bananas to your morning cereal to make it tastier and more nutritious.

Turmeric Powder
Lightly grease a jar with a little of ghee before putting turmeric powder in it. The turmeric Powder will retain its golden yellow color.

Mashed Potatoes
If you need mashed potatoes in a hurry, peel and cut the potatoes in to small cubes. Boil for 10 minutes and mash.

Chocolate Cake
A pinch of soda bicarbonate darkens the Chocolate cake.

Butter icing
While making butter icing, add a few drops of lemon juice to get the white color.

Dirt in Oil
Put a slice of raw potato in used oil and watch the dirt settle down at the bottom of the pan. Now it is ready to be reused again.

Spongy Paneer
Paneer will turn out spongy, if you add half a cup of cream to one litre milk while making 'Paneer'.

To Keep Cheese Fresh
Put a pinch of sugar in the cheese box to keep the cheese fresh and free from fungus.

Save Sugar
Adding a teaspoon of glycerine while making jam will save you 100g sugar.

To long last masala powder
Home ground masala powder will last longer, if add a teaspoon of vinegar to it before storing.

Planting pumpkin seeds
Before planting pumpkin seeds or beans, soak them in water for a day for faster sprouting.

Preserving mint leaves
An excellent way to preserve fresh mint leaves and celery is to put a few leaves with water in ice trays and freeze. When ever you need to use them in a curry, drop a couple of cubes in.

Ripen raw fruits
Raw fruits will ripen in no time, if you place them in a brown paper bag.

Neutralise excess Salt
Neutralise any salty curry by adding milk, milk cream, pricked boiled potatoes, a pinch of sugar, lightly roasted gram flour or balls made of chapati dough to it.

Keep Ants at bay
Add three to four cloves to the sugar container to keep ants at bay.

For delicious flavour
Powdered dry orange peel, added to 'rasam', gives it a delicious flavour.

Freshness of Ghee
To retain the freshness of Ghee, place a lump of rock salt in the container.

Freshness of papad
Papads will retain their freshness, if you keep them in a sealed paper or polythene bag.

Burnt Food
Burnt food that is stuck to the bottom of the vessel can be easily removed by pouring boiling water in to it along with some chopped onion. Keep aside for five minutes and then clean.

Leftover idli batter
Leftover idli and dosa batter will not turn sour if you place a beetle leaf on top of the batter.

Soft Paneer
Instead of frying paneer immerse it in boiling water. The paneer will remain soft and not break easily.

Bitterness of Methi leaves
To remove the bitterness of Methi leaves, wash them, add a pinch of salt and turmeric powder and keep aside for three hours. Then wash with cold water.

Soft and Tasty idlis
To make soft and tasty idlis and dosas, soak a teaspoon of fenugreek seeds along with the rice and dal.

Bad odour in refrigerator
To prevent bad odour in the refrigerator, wipe the interiors with a cloth soaked in vanilla essence.

Coffee Powder Hardens
When Coffee powder hardens in the coffee jar, add lukewarm water, shake well and keep it in the refrigerator. You can use it till the last drop as and when needed.

Cleaning Kitchen
Clean your kitchen platform with water to which a capful of vinegar has been added, to keep it free from ants.

Instant Bhaturas
For instant bhaturas, knead the dough with soda water instead of plain water.

While frying pakoras, put in 10g of tamarind for every one kg of oil, to reduce the absorption of oil.

Burnt cooking pan
To clean a burnt cooking pan, slice an onion and boiling it along with salt and water in the pan. Clean when cool.

Unclog Wash basin
Unclog a sink or wash basin by pouring half a cup of vinegar in the drain pipe. Leave overnight, and then pour two mugs of hot water down the drain. The pipe will clear itself.

Keep Vegetables fresh
To keep green vegetables fresh for a long time in the refrigerator, wrap them in news paper or in a silver foil.

For Crispy Pakoras
To make Pakoras crispy, add two tablespoons of rice flour to the gram flour batter.

Lime pickle
You can make nice lime pickle, if you sprinkle black pepper over the lemon rind pieces and dry them in the sun.

Prevent insects
To prevent tiny insects invading you dals, put a little bit of oil on them when storing in the container.

Preserve Tomatoes
To preserve tomatoes, liquidise them, spread the puree on a plastic sheet and dry in the sun. By evening it will be dry. Crumble and store in n airtight bottle. This dried tomato is free of chemicals and preservatives and remains fresh for months.

For Crispy biscuits
Biscuits will stay crisp, if you put a couple of sugar lumps in the tin.

Cut apple slices
Apple slices will remain fresh and won't get discolour if kept in salted water.

Left over sweets
Leftover sweets or burfi make excellent fillings for sweet puris or parathas.

While Peeling Onions
If you chew gum while peeling onions, your eyes will not water. OR
Store onions in the fridge for half an hour before chopping them.

More Juice from Fruits
Citrus fruits such as oranges and lemons will yield more juice if they are heated in the oven for a few minutes before being squeezed.

Prevent Moisture in salt
To prevent moisture getting in to salt in the rainy season, drop a few rice grains in the salt jar.

Nutritious salad
To make a tangy, nutritious salad, heat two teaspoons of oil and add a few mustard seeds in to it. Toss in chopped cabbage and stir-fry for few minutes. Cool and serve.

Smell of Corriander leaves
To remove the smell of coriander leaves, garlic or any leafy vegetable from your hands, rub them with toothpaste and wash the odours away.

Sourness of Tomato
To reduce the sourness of tomatoes while cooking a paneer curry, add milk instead of water.

Traces of pesticides
To remove traces of pesticides, soak fruits and vegetables for a few minutes in a bowl of cold water to which three table spoons of vinegar has been added.

To Prevent Cockroaches
Keep betel nuts in kitchen cabinets to ward off cockroaches.

To keep Almonds fresh
Add one teaspoon of sugar to a container of almonds to keep them fresh longer.

Foul smell from dust bin
To remove the foul smell from the insides of a dustbin, sprinkle some salt at the bottom.

To prevent worms
To get rid of worms from stored rice, sprinkle powdered salt on it.

Peel orange quickly
Immerse orange in boiling water for five minutes to help you peel them quickly and easily separate the segments.

Remove Burnt Food Stains
To remove burnt food stains from a non-stick pan, heat the pan and saut`e ripe banana pieces in it for some time. The marks will disappear.

Reuse of Silver foils
Remove the foil from an empty carton of tea leaves and use it to store food in the refrigerator, or cover tiles behind the gas stoves in the kitchen.


You can neutralise any salty curry by adding milk, milk cream, pricked boiled potatoes, a pinch of sugar, lightly roasted gramflour or balls made of chapati dough to it .
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