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Insect got into Ear
If an insect has accidentally got in to your ear, put two drops of honey or castor oil or onion juice to get it out.

Ear Pain
Chop Radish in small pieces and boil in sesame oil till brown colour. Then strain the oil and put 2 drops of it in ears.
In garlic juice, mix a pinch of black salt and stir well then put 2 drops of it in the ear for instant relief.

Curd is an excellent antacid. Just eat a few spoonfuls when acidity hits you.

Eat one betel leaf (Paan) with four to five peppercorns for three days in the morning.

Stomach pain
If your child is suffering from Stomach pain, apply warm asafoetida water on the navel for a quick relief.

Apply a little tooth paste on burnt skin for immediate relief.


If you suffer from Chronic constipation eat half a cup of blanched spinach.
Take one teaspoon of amla powder mixed with honey daily in the morning.

Cold & Fever
For quick relief from cold and mild fever, drink a concoction of ginger juice and ajwain (Caraway seed) water.

Mounth Freshener
Chewing Cloves not only leaves the breath fresh, but also protects your teeth from germs.

Hair Fall
Add sprouted, dried or powdered fenugreek seeds to coconut oil and massage the Scalp. It prevents Hair fall.

To get relief from rheumatism, massage the affected areas with mustard oil and bathe with hot water.

Indigestion, Acidity, Gas problems
Dry grind and store 100g cumin seeds, 100g aniseeds, 50g caraway (ajwain) seeds and 100g candy sugar. Take half a spoon after regularly after meals.

Chewing a few radish leaves will help to stop an attack of hiccups.

To get quick relief from Sinusitis, boil half a cup of coconut oil with two teaspoons freshly pounded black pepper corns and apply to the scalp.

Gas trouble
For instant relief from gas, eat one teaspoon of ajwain (Caraway seeds) mixed with a pinch of black salt, followed by a glass of lukewarm water.

Swelling wound
To prevent swelling over a wound, apply honey on the affected area immediately.


You can neutralise any salty curry by adding milk, milk cream, pricked boiled potatoes, a pinch of sugar, lightly roasted gramflour or balls made of chapati dough to it .
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