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Vegilovers is a specialty site intended primarily for those who are in countries where original Eastern vegetarian food is a rarity. Hosted by a passionately vegetarian food enthusiast, the collection of recipes in this site is in many ways unique, but simple and easy to make. Mrs. Kusum Agarwal, the host, has spent most of her life in countries where the food pattern is normally non-vegetarian. This venture is to share the joy of her vegetarian cooking with those vegetarians living in different parts of the world.

Kusum's passion for cooking goes back to her teenage. Hailing from a 100% vegetarian home, Kusum experimented with designer dishes, inspired by her instincts, even as a schoolgirl. In her youth she invented and innovated dishes to the delight of her family and friends. When marriage came, it presented her with an even greater opportunity to express her culinary proficiencies in a wider arena. A regular flow of expatriate vegetarian guests streaming in to enjoy their hospitality, Kusum realized that she needed to design dishes with ingredients, which are easily available locally in which ever country she was in; Americas, Europe, Middle East or Far East.

Every dish listed in this website has been cooked, experimented and perfected by Kusum to meet the standards of a healthy living without sacrificing taste and nutrition. Recipes are carefully formulated using ingredients that are available in most of the countries around the globe. With this lifetime collection of recipes, she sincerely wishes that this site would satisfy your taste buds and give you satisfaction and enjoyment no matter which ever culture you belong to.

Those people from Indian sub continent may find to their surprise that despite using a different combination of ingredients to suit universal availability, these dishes taste the same as that homely food dear to your heart. Home away from home, these dishes will certainly bring cherished memories and appealing taste, wherever in the world you are. Mrs. Kusum Agarwal sends her greetings and good wishes to all of you that you may enjoy these tasty vegetarian dishes and exotic Indian sweets. Bon appétit!







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